John was born on a planet in the Slays system in the region of Placid.
He became a capsuleer after scientists in the federal navy academy acknowledged the potential his body had for being transformed into a capsuleer.

As soon as his training ended he trained to become a fighter for the gallente federation.
Being the man he is, his temper sometimes took te upperhand.
The gallente federation dropped standing towards John making it impossible for him to continue to work for the gallente federation.

He kept training individually and joined some corporations where he knew there were capsuleers who ended up with the same fate as he had to endure.

After some time John became the victim of the Gallentean lifestyle. He stayed locked up in station enjoying the many fruits of nature the Gallente stations has to offer.

In only a few months his wallet balance dropped to an ultra-low. That forced him to start flying his ship again and make him some isk.

He decided it was time for him to head to syndicate to prove the universe that he is not the loser everyone thinks he is.

It took him a while to find the right corporation but once he ran into RixxJavixx’s Stay Frosty.
He knew he was on the right path.


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